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Genetic gift of Intelligence vs Genetic gift of beauty

At the risk of sounding sexist, here we go...

The argument started in the usual setup. You are on the verge of passing out of the college. Stuff on your mind is limited to placements. You have forgotten all about why you wanted to study in the first place, and how knowledge was at the pinnacle of your priorities. 

Then walks in, 'Rebecca Black'. 

And the conversation flows like this:
Situation: You are still unplaced. Everything in your paper says, you should have more interview opportunities, and better chances of getting through. RB is already placed. Her calibre seems good, but when stacking up, perhaps it doesn't compare. At all points, you are happy for her, but, you blame your stars after getting angry at the cosmic actions of the world.

Me: The world is so unfair. I am not getting enough opportunities, because organization's are too concerned about their HR policies and their Gender Ratio.

RB: Perhaps. But I don't feel an iota of regret at using the fact that I am a Girl, and that is an advantageous factor when stacking up agains my peers. Why should I feel guilty about using that.

Me: You don't feel bad about the fact that your success might have hinged on a factor related to your beauty and your gender than your actual ability? At one place, we keep on arguing the facts about gender equality, and then on the other hand, the comfort at which we propagate special treatments at such stuff at also trivial stuff for separate queues at ticket windows extra, its saddening.

RB: Let's not get into situational based arguments about Gender Equality. And let's agree on the disparity of gender being both favorable and unfavorable in their own regards in different situations. I feel very comfortable using my beauty (and the fact that I am a girl), to my advantage. I am on my way to getting a multi million dollar contract with the recording studio, and my YouTube channel is already hitting the roof with all the right numbers.
Me: Right.  *Shrugs his shoulders, accepts the way of the world*

-- Below is how the argument should have flowed, with a different perspective brought to light by the fictional character of Dr. House; when Dr. Cameron asked her, why she was recruited for one of the best Medical fellowships in the country when there were clearly more qualified and better candidates --

RB: Let me ask you a question now? Think of it with regards to your genetic makeup. And lets be clear, that hard work work is very important in life, but so are genes. And your Genes of Intelligence (+ Common Sense) go a long way in paving your ability credentials. So does your luck. Now, do a parallel comparison with your Genes of Beauty (+ your XX/YX Chromosome). And answer me now, why is it OK for you to use your Intelligence Gene, but not your Beauty Gene. And lets not stamp over the fact that the chance of a guy using his smartness / beauty gene is lesser because of the already screwed up Gender ratios.

Me: *Stumped* *Still trying to wrap my head around this*

I get it. I am amazed at how a little bit of perspective can change the outlook completely. The world continuous to be a place full of surprises, and learning. And the sources of learning continue to be 'regal' in their own regards.

And House MD, continues to be an amazing show, even when you revisit it (S01E01, if my memory serves me right)

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