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Review: Dialogue in the Dark (DiD), Hyderabad - An Unlit Experience of a kind

Ambiance *****
Food ****
Experience *****

Overall *****

Often, we wonder, how would it be like to experience the world in someone else's shoes. Dialogue in the Dark gives you an overwhelming experience on one such foray.

Located in the sprawling Madhapur area of Hyderabad, a stones throwaway from the Hitech City, this is the area of the city that will blend modern India with the city of Nizams for you. Located on the 3rd floor of Inorbit Mall, as soon as you reach the reception desk of the restaurant, you'll start feeling awe.

What greets you is an 'unassuming' person at the reception, who matter of factly mentions, that this experience would be unique for you. There are rules to be followed, and he hands over a list of the same - key being, you don't have anything on you which emits light, in any environmental condition. Curiously placed are a few Walking Sticks lying in a corner allow your imagination run wild for a little while.

The moment when it finally dawns on us, on how real the experience is going to be, is when we were finally asked to queue and hold onto each others shoulders so that we don't get lost. A slight tap on the door in front, and the receptionist at the start of the queue, leads us into pitch darkness and hands the reigns over to our host for the night.

Post that, it is just an experience to live and relive...
   ... Your remaining senses heightened
   ... Your sense of smell and taste, on overdrive
   ... Your food tasting better than any of your meal in memory
   ... Your brain can comprehend an honest conversation without your eyes sending a zillion bytes
   ... Your face when you realize that you host is actually visually impaired and that you get to live his life for an hour
   ... Your words speak louder than your expressions and everything else

The most amazing part of the experience is the initiative in itself. Not only is it offering employment to the visually impaired, but the awareness and support for disability in general, is incredible. In their own words:
International experience | 8 Million visitors worldwide | 130 Centres 30 countries | 3,00,000 visitors in Hyderabad - INDIA - DiD

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