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The Curious Case of Smiles

Yeah, new job, and the workload that comes along, can keep you occupied. So, I have been busy. Well, not really. You always find time for something that you like to do. There has been a break with blogging for completely different reasons, and I am back now. So here goes something on a lighter note,

Weird, Tangential and Iconic Smiles :) :D :-) :\) >:) >) :-D

The title says it all.
You'll always find people around you with smiles that are different, not necessarily weird. And it is a big turn-on for most of us, figuratively. It is just awesome on so many levels to be surrounded with not only people, but living beings, with that quirky laugh and that weird looking smile. To think back, i have had so many crushes all my life,  just because of the way she smiled. I can hardly bring those original photos here, for obvious reasons, but i'll still try and pick on some of the most iconic public smiles around.

The Artsy Smile: There are far more qualified people to comment on this. For me, it always was a mystery, and hence the beauty - The 'Wannabees' who want to sound deep.
The Classic Beauty Smile: It is all about having the other sex fall head over heals for you, and you yourself having the time of you life with it - The MM Club.
The Flatbed Smile: There's absolutely no mistaking this one. It's a tease that you cannot resist in the non quintessential way. It's that smile that plays with your face and eyes as much, that it just ropes you in - The Hep Crowd.
The Loud Smile: The challenge is simple. Use every friggin' muscle of your face, even the ones that you didn't know existed, for the good of others. We all need that dose of laughter around, oh yes - The Mask.
The 'Why So Serious' Smile: The most obvious name that is. You may be inclined to be scared, but we all keep that twisted person around in our lives, the one you hate but also love, the one that inspires you to break the shackles, the one who has no sense of obligation, but a misplaced sense of 'Point to Prove', insane confidence, and cock-a-doodle-do sense of Worldly Affairs - The Joker.
The 'Imaginary Character' Smile: It's the most obvious thing in the world. Something that comes to us most naturally even as kids. A lot of times the universe conspires to not let you live life the way you want to. This should not result in inhibitions. You can always have a imaginary character in your life, just for that. To life without inhibitions - Calvin & Hobbes. 
The Show Off Smile: Aha, nobody's perfect. That doesn't really stop me from flaunting my 'pearly whites'. Why should it? And for all the Sand that God throws at me, I have a Hump. Take that for an attitude - The Camel.
The Power Smile: All that power in the world, and for what. You left a mess for me? Here's my answer. High Unemployment? Oh, under advisement. Bankruptcy? For the later administration. Tackling Terrorism? Oh yes, bang on. Obamacare? Hmmm. First of a kind president President and all that charming personality, with a smile - The US President
The Plotting Smile: He ha ha. Oh yes, I know what you did last Summer, and you are so dead. This just the fodder I needed against your lazy ass, eh - The Martian Frog.
The Gateway Getaway Smile: Keep it simple silly. What's the point of being the crowd, when you can be one in the crowd. "Besides, my tongue through the gateway, feels great", - The Child in You. 
The 'Billion' Smile: Oh scarcely, expectations have really, scarcely, ever troubled me. Talent & Luck may be a God's gift, but you know what, managing expectations, and doing justice to those gifts, Hard Work. You feel me? - SRT
The 'Blush' Smile: :* :) Humility, and Introverts. A toast to both these people. You know why? Why, because, the emphasis on collaboration and show & tell lifestyle these days is broken. Why, because, solitude results in the next big innovation most often. Why, because, it is a world where we need them, and we need each other. Why, because, the next time you listen and stop talking, you'd realize the wealth of information that people around you are, and have - The Anime Industry.
The Divine Smile: Simple Truth. Divine Truth. Any task, any work, any pecking order where you fall, any facet, there might be different levels of sweat and different levels of satisfaction, what stays stuck, is the smile. As a leaving argument though, question the status quo, with a smile - The Laughing Buddha.
The Uncontrollable Smile: It might not be fit to use pictures of people around me, but no one stops me from picking on this. Nah, I'll leave the picking to you guys instead. Some people have already had a laugh with this, here's your chance. I'll just close this with you with two simple words KEEP SMILING! - HD
P.S. Don't miss those dimples there :D

Disclaimer: The Images used in this blog, are taken from all over the internet, with an eye not to use any copyright material, and use public images to a larger extent.

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